7DFPS 2012

Call of Warfare: Blocks is a fast-paced shooter. Enemies are brutally accurate and will call out your location to their allies whenever they see you. I built it from the ground up over the course of the week. It's a silly game, but I found myself laughing out loud and having some genuine fun while testing features, so I figure at least something went right! :D

+ in-game level editor w/ console command support
+ a voxel-based level format for simple level construction (cause, you know, VOXELS)
+ A* pathing
+ A particle engine (cause what's a game without freakin particles)
+ Lots and lots and lots of blood.

Questions and Comments are more than welcome!! I hope everyone enjoys playing it; I had an amazing time making it.

Download Game
Installation Instructions

** Requires XNA 4.0 Redistributables (Included in ZIP).

All you need to do is unzip the files into a folder wherever you’d like. Then, if you need to install the XNA 4.0 Framework, simply run the included installer. If you would prefer to download the installer directly from Microsoft, you can find it at:


WASD – Movement
Space – Jump
R – Reload
Left Mouse – Fire Weapon
~ – Access Console In-Game

Console Commands
design – toggles design mode on/off
– scroll wheel to cycle through voxel types
– left click will destroy the targetted voxel
– right click will place the selected voxel

fly – toggles flying on/off

load_level <str> – loads a level named <str> from %APP_DATA%/.callofwarfare/levels
save_level <str> – saves a level named <str> to %APP_DATA%/.callofwarfare/levels
new_level <size> – creates a new level of <size> x <size> chunks (each chunk is 32m square)

respawn – resets the player position to origin (0,0)

spawn_clone – spawns a single enemy in front of the player
– facing/looking where the players cam is pointed

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