Sunday, March 17, 2013

AscentRL (7DRL Success)

AscentRL is a first-person, 3D action roguelike.

Now, before you close this page and dismiss it, hear me out. AscentRL runs in pseudo-realtime. When you take action (move, attack, wait, etc), the gameworld will progress. Otherwise, the game world pauses, keeping the turn-based feel of traditional roguelikes.

You can download it here.

Java 7, OpenGL

WASD - movement
Mouse to look around
E - use stairs
Q - wait (as long as you hold down the key)
~ - equip map
1 - equip sword
Left Mouse - attack (with sword) or look (at map)

+ 16 floors of procedurally-creating dungeons
+ "smart" monsters
+ weapon/armor upgrades
+ boss monsters

"Smart" Monsters?  Monsters render the world from their perspective to attempt to truly "see" the player. When they spot the player, they will alert nearby enemies. Also, monsters will not stand around idly waiting for the player. From time-to-time, they will choose to wander to a new location within the level of the dungeon.